Tattoo removal sessions are best  quoted by coming into the shop. That way we are able to size up the piece to give you the most accurate quote.

exotic piercings $30.00

Inner Ear              Rook                Daith
Orbital                  Conch              Forward Helix

Monroe                 Lip                    Labret

Septum                 Bridge              Tragus 

Standard piercings $20.00

Outer Ear              Navel
Lobe                     Tongue

Nose                     Eyebrow

Industrial piercings $40.00

Dermal Piercing $50.00

Removal $20.00


Tattoos are custom by appointment only or walk-in for simple tattoo designs.  We WILL NOT do internet tattoos that another artist has already posted on line.  We will take that idea and draw an original piece just for you . Deposits, payments  and tattoo prices will only be taken and quoted in person at the shop.

Tattoo removal


Does it really matter if it hurts ?