I've been tattooing since 2001.  I have an Associates Degree in General Arts and a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Although I enjoyed the world of Engineering, my passion was and has always been  creating unique works of art, whether it be on paper, canvas, or skin.  I learned my craft under some of the original tattoo artists from the early days.  I'm thoroughly comfortable with  just about every style of tattooing... Color work, Water Color, Black and Grey, Realism... you name it.

I am a tattoo artist born and raised in Florida. I have recently relocated to College Station, Texas. My tattoo career began 4 years ago at Lucky 7 Tattoos in West Palm Beach, Fl.  Art has always played a big roll in my life, drawing especially. Since a very young age I began drawing and have never stopped.  I specialize in full color, traditional, neo-traditional, and  new school tattooing. 





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Does it really matter if it hurts ?